Considering the damaging and irritating effects of water, waterproofing is an essential component of any building.

Unfortunately, many contractors do not know how to correctly apply waterproofing, or which products to use and how to detail them.

While most waterproofing materials on the market are resistant to water penetration, little or no consideration is  given to the joining, terminations, cut-in-details and the effect of movement on these systems.

Undertaking repairs to a waterproofing system once the building is completed can be extremely costly. This is considering that the waterproofing is often covered by further building layers and facades, while chasing water can also be challenging as it never leaks out of the same vicinity as it enters.

BKV Holdings’ involvement in waterproofing spans the design phases through to the installation of its cutting-edge solutions.

Among others, we offer the following waterproofing systems:

  • Epoxy-cement slurries;
  • Cementitious-slurry waterproofing mixtures;
  • Waterproofing tapes and sealants;
  • Crystalline solutions;
  • Colloidal Nano Silicates pour blockers;
  • Torchon on systems; and
  • Polyurethane and polyurea liquid applied membranes.

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