Water stopping/plugging

Foundations and sub-ground level floors of buildings extend deep into the ground and often below the water table and are, therefore, constantly subjected to water pressure.

Damaged or incorrectly installed waterproofing leads to the constant ingress of water into submerged levels.

When water enters the structure through structural cracks and defects, it will eventually corrode the rebar. This results in spalling and other premature failures that will drastically reduce the lifespan of a structure.

BKV Holdings has extensive experience in pre- and post-water stopping, in addition to structural waterproofing and water plugging.

We deploy a variety of methods to achieve water-tightness, the most common of which comprises a combination of high-pressure injection and flexible expanding foam and semi-rigid foams. Some of these resins are pre-reacted, while others react with water to form their final compound. These resins are strategically injected through packers that are inserted along the veins or access paths.

Resin is delivered at rates of between 1 lpm and 30 lpm using our own fleet of high-pressure pumps.

We also install water bars and water stop systems on civil structures during the construction phases to prevent future water ingress-related issues.

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