Expansion joint installation/sealing, as well as tank and column-base protection

Every section of a structure has been engineered to move and act independently.

The correct sealing and protection of the joints between structures is, therefore, critical to avoid restricting this movement.

Moreover, it is essential that sealing systems stop debris from entering joints to avoid them locking, which will, inevitably, lead to cracking or fatigue.

At the roof level or upper deck of a building, the joint also needs to be waterproofed to avoid water ingress and to safeguard against mechanical damage due to heavy traffic.

BKV Holdings installs both mechanical and flexible expansion joints, and seals various types of constructions joints.

Our standard design joint systems have also been used to seal the bases of tanks and columns.

These seals around the base prevent water, debris and aggressive chemicals from entering between the base and accelerating the corrosion process.

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