Concrete sealing/purging, repairs and rehabilitation, as well as carbon-fibre structural strengthening

While concrete is the most widely used building material in the world, it is known for its poor chemical- and moderate abrasion-resistance traits. Internal and external mechanisms can, therefore, lead to premature degradation that will negatively impact on the long-term performance and integrity of any structure.

It is, thus, vital that the early stages of concrete degradation be identified as early as possible to avoid a catastrophic structural failure.

BKV Holdings performs a wide variety of concrete repair work, including:

  • Removal and repair of damaged and degraded concrete;
  • Crack mapping and repairs, using gravity feed, chasing and injection;
  • Removal and replacement of corroded and damaged reinforcement bar;
  • Purging of contaminated concrete;
  • High-pressure water blasting and jetting of concrete structures; and
  • Structural strengthening of concrete elements with carbon fibre.

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