Preparation and lining of the floor of Medupi Power Station’s Turbine Hall Unit 1

BKV Holdings was contracted to the Medupi Power Station Joint Venture (MPSJV) to prepare and line the floor at Turbine Hall Unit 1 with a polyurea system.

MPSJV and Eskom undertook inspections on all hold points to verify that our work had been completed to the desired specification, and BKV Holdings’ workmanship was signed off as satisfactory and accepted by the client.

Our state-of-the-art solution entailed:

  • Grinding the surface to obtain the required profile;
  • Undertaking a saltless wash for neutralisation;
  • Repairing the cracks with a sikadur 31 DWD epoxy;
  • Applying Sikafloor 161 epoxy primer to a thickness of 300DFT; and
  • Applying a Sikalastic 8800 polyurea final coat at 2000DFT.

We used the following equipment on this project:

  • Floor grinders;
  • Angle grinders with diamond cup wheels;
  • A water bowser; and
  • An EXP11 reactor spray machine.