Lining of internal tank shell at Sezela Sugar Mills

BKV Holdings and Breedt Asia were contracted by Sezela Sugar Mills to line a 704m² tank with a polyurea lining system.

Significant scaffolding had to be erected inside the tank by the client to enable the contracting teams to gain access to the large working area.

Sezela Sugar Mills inspected our workmanship throughout the duration of the project and signed it off on completion.

 Our state-of-the-art solution entailed:

  • Sand-blasting the inside of the tank with a soft grit to obtain the required profile;
  • Neutralising the tank with a Holdtite mixture to remove any salts and debris;
  • Applying a CIN FD steel primer coat; and
  • Applying a 2mm-thick CIN EP 500 polyurea lining.

We used the following equipment on this project:

  • Blasting pots;
  • A 400CFM compressor;
  • A EXP11 spray machine;
  • A Festo mixer; and
  • A water bowser