Lining of four fan houses at Impala Platinum Refineries

BKV Holdings was contracted by Rushtail Construction to line four fan houses at Impala Platinum Refineries with a polyurea lining system.

The project was completed within the allocated timeframe and signed off by the client, despite the extremely onerous health and safety protocol on this site. BKV Holdings had to ensure that its health and safety systems fully complied with those of Impala Platinum before its teams were able to commence work on the project.

 Our state-of-the-art solution entailed:

  • Grinding the fan houses using angle grinders with diamond cup wheels to obtain the required profile;
  • Undertaking a neutralisation wash;
  • Applying a Carboguard 510 moisture barrier;
  • Applying a CIN C floor 140 primer coat; and
  • Applying a CIN EP 500 polyurea system.

We used the following equipment on this project:

  • Angle grinders with diamond cup wheels;
  • An EXP11 spray machine;
  • A Festo mixer; and
  • A water bowser