Installation of a heavy duty polyurethane floor System at Kusile Power Station’s Unit 4 Auxiliary Bay Battery Room

BKV Holdings was contracted to the Stefanutti Stocks and Basil Read Joint Venture to install a Stoncor Stonclad UT heavy-duty polyurethane floor system at Kusile Power Station’s Unit 4 Auxiliary Bay Battery Room.

Our State of the art solution entailed:

Bund preparation and application, which involved:

  • Grinding the surface of the bund wall with grinders equipped with a diamond-cup wheel;
  • Removing all dust using high power vacuum cleaners; and
  • Applying a 75mm x 75mm x 25mm Pro-Struct 618/22coving fillet.

Floor preparation and application, including:

  • Scarifying the floor substrate with diesel scarifying machines to obtain a perfect profile and exposing the aggregate in the concrete to provide a bondable surface for the UT System. Working in a confined area, the machines were equipped with extraction fans. Importantly,
  • Removing all dust using high power vacuum cleaners.
  • Opening the existing 30mm x 15mm joints using a grinder equipped with a diamond-grinding wheel.
  • Covering the open joints with a 40mm backing cord to ensure that the chemical did not enter them.
  • Applying Stonclad UT (5000u).
  • Applying a final of Stonkote HT4 coat (300u) to the bund wall and floor. It comprised two coats (150u),

Joints application, including:

  • Removing the backing cord and all contamination from the joints;
  • Replacing the new backing cord; and
  • Applying Pro-Struct 749/849 joint sealant.

The following equipment was used on this project:

  • Grinders;
  • Scarifiers;
  • Extraction fans;
  • Blowers;
  • Industrial-vacuum cleaners;
  • Power blenders;
  • 25l mixing pails;
  • Notched trowels; and
  • Spiked rollers.