Preparation and lining of various components for Ovivo Aqua Africa

BKV Holdings was contracted to Ovivo Aqua Africa to prepare and coat various piping components with a Phenoline 305 system from Stoncor.

The work was undertaken at BKV Holdings’ state-of-the-art premises in Springs, Gauteng, and both a third-party and Eskom inspector verified that the work had been undertaken to the desired specification.

Our state-of-the-art solution entailed:

  • Sand blasting the surface to a SA 2.5;
  • Undertaking a saltless wash for neutralisation;
  • Using phenoline 305 primer @ 100µ;
  • Using phenoline 305 intermediate coat @ 100µ;
  • Using phenoline 305 finish final coat @ 100µ.

We used the following equipment on this project:

  • A 200 litre blasting pot
  • A 400 cfm compressor
  • A water bowser;
  • A GH 200 spray machine.