Concrete repairs to Kusile Power Station’s six fly ash silos

BKV Holdings was appointed by the Kusile Civil Works Joint Venture (JV), comprising WBHO and Stefanutti Stocks, to conduct concrete repairs to six fly ash silos at Eskom’s Kusile Power Station in Mpumalanga.

Various defects where detected on the silos, each 20m in diameter and 54m in height, during routine inspections.

BKV Holdings designed a tensioned grout plug that would enable grouting all the way through the inner core.

As most of the repair work was undertaken at the top of the silo, extensive use was made of a telescopic boom “cherry picker” and our rope-access crews on this project.

An important consideration was the high wind speeds of up to 25km/hr on most days, when the cherry picker would sway and work would have to be stopped.

Considering that a fair portion of the work was also undertaken by suspended rope-access technicians and all repair materials and equipment had to be carried to the upper working platform of the silo by hand, it was a slow and meticulous project.

Notably, there was not a single safety incident on the site throughout the entire duration of the project and all work undertaken by BKV Holdings was successfully signed off by Kusile Civil Works JV’s own engineers and quality inspectors.

Our state-of-the-art solution entailed:

  • Removing damaged concrete to prepare the surface;
  • Using Sikadur 52ZA for crack repairs; and
  • Deploying ProStruct 528 VO for the concrete repairs.

We used the following equipment on site:

  • A 50m telescopic cherry picker;
  • Rope access systems;
  • A high-pressure resin-injection machine;
  • Grout plugs; and
  • Various small hand and power tools.