Preparation and lining of Bidvest’s six new phosphorc asset storage tanks

BKV Holdings was contracted directly by Bidvest Tank Terminals to line six newly-built phosphoric acid storage tanks at this leading South African logistics company’s tank terminal depot in Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal.

The project, which entailed lining a surface area of more than 8309m², was completed well within budget, as well as in record time to ensure that our client was able to receive the already-confirmed shipments of Phosphoric acid.

Working to tight deadlines, our team had to line a single 12 m diameter and 20 m high tank in a month. This included erecting and later dismantling more than 27 tonnes of scaffolding that was used to access the individual structures.

The scaffolding had to be passed through a narrow 800 mm diameter manhole that was also used to manually extract more than 42 tonnes of spent grit that was generated inside each structure.

BKV Holdings also had to contend with erratic climatic conditions in the Richards Bay area, with more than 15 rain days recorded during the entire project.

There was not a single safety incident on the site throughout the about 38500 man hours spent working on this project, despite as much as 80% of the work conducted at heights.

All of our work was successfully signed off by an independent NACE coating inspector.

BKV Holdings’ state-of-the-art solution comprised:

  • A Blast-SA3 for surface preparation;
  • A Saltless wash for neutralisation; and
  • NUI Ultraspray 400B199 Rigid Polyurethane @1500µ for lining.

The following equipment was used on this project:

  • Two 1000cfm compressors;
  • Six 200l blasting pots;
  • A 10000l diesel bowser;
  • A water bowser;
  • A 15 tonne and 30 tonne crane;
  • 80 tonnes of Kwikstage scaffolding; and
  • Three plural component-lining machines.